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Precision Automation and Robotics (PAR) was established in 2002 specialising in engine design and failure assessment. Leading on as a natural progression was the design and manufacture of complete drivetrain solutions. Today, PAR’s product line consists of a wide range of gearsets, crankshafts, flywheels and driveshafts for the aftermarket high-performance racing industry sold all around the world.


Products range from quality OEM high-performance replacement components to special designs and applications. PAR works closely with many teams both large and small as a supplier of high-end extreme engine and driveline components and is now recognised as a supplier and manufacturer of innovative, durable and cost-effective products and solutions.


In addition to state of the art automotive component production, PAR also has a special purpose machine design and manufacture division and is one of few companies in the world that is involved in all major facets of mechanical and electrical engineering.