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This is a great opportunity to showcase your product and find quality and verified manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, importers, buyers, wholesalers and government agencies. Buyers can solicit several price bids from various companies at the most competitive price from the on-line trade database. *The Trade Database is exclusively for products in the military, defense, aerospace and information technology industries.

to get started at no cost. Registration is necessary because all suppliers that post to the Trade database must be verified and will receive a login and password to the database.

  • All sellers are verified to give our buyers added confidence
  • Promote your business: List your information in business directory including company information, contact details, product descriptions, brochures and more
  • Extra: Broker your transactions through us…Payments online for your products via our Trade Payment Service…
  • Extra: Buyers can solicit a Purchase Request from Outsource Trade Group and we will locate several different companies and bids for you Buyers post Purchase Request

The Trade Database includes products, parts and/or components in the following industries:

  • Aircraft -Commercial
  • Aircraft- Military
  • Aircraft Engines-Commercial
  • Aircraft Engines-Military
  • Helicopter-Commercial
  • Helicopter-Military
  • Space
  • Ground Defense
  • Satellites
  • Missile Guidance and Control Systems
  • Information Systems Aerospace
  • Information Systems-Military/Defense
  • Electronics-Military/Defense
  • Surface Ships
  • Submarines
  • Global Positioning Systems
  • Nuclear Detection
  • Military Vehicles and Tanks
  • Search, Detection and Navigation
  • Weapons
  • Personal Protection-Military/Defense
  • Military Surveillance
  • Engineering Services- Aerospace
  • Engineering Services: Military/Defense

Verified Suppliers : Business Directory Listing

Ternium S.A.

46a Avenue John F Kennedy2nd floorLuxembourg, 1855
352 4661 113815
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  • Mr. Daniel A. Novegil , Chief Exec. Officer, Interim North Region Area Mang.
  • Mr. Luis Andreozzi , Engineering & Environment Director
  • Mr. Miguel Angel Punte , HR Director
  • Mr. Oscar Montero , Planning & Operations Gen. Dire


March 25, 2016
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